TEACHING – TRAINING MEETING IN LITHUANIA, SIAULIAI UNIVERSITY. Second mobility of the ERASMUS + project “New dimensions of education”

This mobility was from April 29 to May 3, 2019

This mobility was attended by teachers and students from all countries, project partners. The activities we had there are followed by days:

1st day: Open educational activities for students and teachers: tour around the city, get to know the city and local attractions, visit the Museum of Chocolates and mee  with pupils and professors from other countries.
2nd day:
Congratulatory speech of the director and musical performance of the students. Presentation of the school and introduction to Lithuania as a country and their wonderful school, ice breaker, presentations of students from all school partners, school tour – visit the high school in Siauliai, sports competitions for
students and professors from all schools and High School of Siauliai University . Giedre Sidlauskiene’s Workshop for Teachers and a workshop for students “Smart English lesson” (Inga Laurineniene). Tasting of various traditional Lithuanian dishes in the school and then in the homes of our hosts. Some students have the ability to make clay art and precious artworks. The hospitality of the hosts was at the highest level.
3rd day:
Education in the open. Daily trip to Vilnius. Visit the capital Vilnius, where we went along the beautiful old town and visited the cathedrals, the square, the university library and were familiar with their history, thanks to the local guide, the old part of Vilnius (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List). In the afternoon we visited Hill on the crosses, where there is a tradition, everyone who puts a cross will be lucky and had a lesson from Lithuanian.
4th day:
Outdoor education – day for excursion Klaipeda -Nida- Dolphinarium. Visit to the beautiful old town of Nida, where the architecture of the houses was remarkable. On our way to Nida there was an opportunity to visit the sand dunes and dolphinarium, which was an unforgettable experience for the students. We also went to a UNESCO-protected national park located near the Baltic Sea.
5th day:
School Integrated activities , potato pot, visit several school classes (biology, chemistry, physics, art, food preparation, history, English, Lithuanian language). There was the possibility of various and interesting ways to learn a lot about the potato and its composition, its way through an interesting story.
Integrated lesson: traditional music, dance, all presented themselves with their own traditional folklore dance, IT, English, all language spoken languages. Evaluation, thinking and agenda for further activities (discussion). Walk in the evening. Finally thinking and evaluating mobility and project activities.
Official certification ceremony


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