The third mobility of the Erasmus+ project “New Dimensions of Education” took place in Buzau, Romania, starting on the 14th , until the 18th of October 2019.

Both the teachers and students from the participating countries were included in all kinds of activities, discussions and trips to some of Romania’s finest sights.

On the first day the participants received a warm welcome to the ” Stântul Apostol Andrei” secondary school in Buzău, an opening speech from the school management and then were greeted with a singing ensemble by the younger students at the school.

Afterwards there was a tasting of various delicious Romanian dishes.

The students got to know each other through fun activities presented by Mădălina Butnaru, where they learned the names of each of the participants, as well as their likes, dislikes and hobbies.

In the meantime, the teachers were accompanied by Iordace Cătălin and Cojanu Elena on a tour through the school.

The students also got the chance to participate in interesting sporting events, whilst the teachers had activities corresponding to the use of ICT in mathematics.

Later, the students learned more about the Romanian language from Mădălina Butnaru, and Adriana Scântei.

The teachers participated in discussions about the project management.

Later on there was a sightseeing tour through Buzău.

The second day was a visit to the country’s capital, Bucharest, where not only did the group discover the beauty, but the history behind it.

The first stop was the Palace of Parliament, which enticed all with its stunning architecture and riveting background.

Next, was the visit to the Grigore Antipa ,National Museum of Natural History and the University Square.

The third day was spent at the school where the group was introduced to the Romanian teaching methods and use of  ICT in teaching.

They were greeted by students and teachers of the school, which demonstrated workshops in the field of ICT and Mathematics teaching in Romania.

The students of the school had prepared some interesting logico-mathematical games which all participants were invited to try.

The day ended with a dinner hosted by the Romanian families of the participants and the Romanian teachers.

The fourth day was a trip to Peles Castle and Brasov, where the sights left everyone breathless. There was a tour around the castle where interesting facts about its history and former residents were mentioned.

The fifth and final day a meeting with the local community representatives took place, where the group discovered more about Buzău and its management.

After, all teams presented their presentations on “Famous mathematicians from our countries” at the school, coordinated by Camelia Negraru and Laurențiu Datcu. During the presentations, the teachers had discussions and assessements about the project.

Later on there was an organized study trip to the Muddy Volcanoes, which was a unique experience. The day finished with a farewell dinner where all participants, both teachers and students, received their certificates.


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