In the period from 12 to 16 April 2021, virtual meetings from North Macedonia were realized through the Zoom application, which were attended by teachers and students from all participating countries: Turkey, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Lithuania and North Macedonia. The topic of this virtual mobility through the Internet was the application of STEM in education in natural, social and linguistic areas.

At the beginning, the students and teachers were introduced to the high school Gymnasium Goce Delchev, as well as the manner of teaching, and were then introduced to the city of Kumanovo, the Mayor and the most important cultural sights of Kumanovo. Students and teachers also had the opportunity to see a number of videos and presentations prepared by the host students and teachers and all together participated in interactive quizzes. The meetings discussed the importance of natural sciences in the educational process, as well as the course of online teaching in these partner schools considering the advantages and disadvantages of online teaching. Also, certain projects of the students in the field of informatics were presented: Social networks and digital security, Computer networks, Web & HTTP, Wireless and mobile communications, 3D graphics and modeling , the students presented something more about the application of design and technology, and ways of visualizing mathematics through interesting classes, math games and quizzes. Also, the application of STEM in the school in the field of informatics was presented, as well as various chemical experiments and their importance, made by the students, presentations on the historical and geographical features of North Macedonia, Museum of the Macedonian Struggle,  Mother Teresa Memorial House and other sights and then there were videos and presentations on the importance of English in international communication.

Each of the schools presented an application for STEM in their teaching in different areas. It was presented how students, guided by their teachers through various projects, experiments and research in different fields, are on the right path of their education and they showed that through this type of communication through the Internet. It was especially important that these activities were shared internationally to meet teachers and students from several European countries within the project New Dimensions of Education.

From a cultural point of view, students and teachers from other countries had the opportunity to get acquainted with music videos from the school band from North Macedonia and had the opportunity to see videos and facts about the megalithic observatory Kokino, the capital Skopje, videos and presentations of Ohrid, city protected by UNESCO with 365 churches, cultural and historical monuments, Old Bazaar with the original Ohrid pearls, St. Naum monastery etc. and had the opportunity to learn about the history of the Macedonian language. Students also had the opportunity to test their knowledge and learned facts through the Quiz Kahoot.

Of particular importance was the fact that students and teachers had the opportunity to discuss all together and in groups on several topics and thus to develop the English language and expand their international communication. In this way there were discussions, friendly communication, examples of good practice, games, music diversified activities in one virtual mobility.

The excellent cooperation and responsible work of the hospitable Macedonian team gave excellent results and the virtual visit was successful, providing new knowledge and experiences  and thus learning more about the cultural characteristics, tradition, food and music of the North Macedonia all participants from 6 countries.


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