1. Name of the school: Agrupamento de Escolas Eduardo Gageiro
    a. Adress: Rua Sport Grupo Sacavenense, 2685-011 Sacavém
  2. Type of school: Primary School of the 3rd Cycle and Secondary School. The entire School Grouping teaches from pre-school(3 years) to the 12th grade.
  3. Number of pupils: 2388
  4. The number of teachers: 237
  5. School  strengths: This is a Grouping of Schools, Territory of Primary Intervention that has as main objective to prevent the abandonment of school and to integrate its students in a deferential environment with innovative methodologies that manage to fill the difficulties of our students and motivate them to learn the contents, the competences and the values we want to convey. We use methodologies with design and programming and robotics to teach various curriculum disciplines for all levels of education as a way of enthusiasm for our students. We use group projects so that our students learn to collaborate with each other. We exchange experiences between students of different levels and years of schooling. We participate in various activities and shows of our projects with the community of the whole country.

Illustration of classes using robot assembly and programming

Illustration of classes using the programming of drones jumpers as
pawns in a game of the 1st cycle to learn mathematics, Portuguese and social sciences

Illustration of lessons using drone programming

Illustration of classes using robot programming

Illustration of activities with robot and drone programming energized by students for school colleagues