1. Name of the school, address: Siauliai university gymnasium (Šiaulių universiteto gimnazija)
  2. Type of school: (Secondary education school, students from 16 to 19 years old)
  3. The number of pupils: 387 students
  4. The number of teachers: 50
  5. School’s  strengths: Siauliai university gymnasium constantly trying to improve the quality of teaching, continually adjusting IT, encouraging general skills improvement, initiating developments in. The gymnasium is closely cooperating with the University of Šiauliai. Besides the academic achievements, there is a huge attention focused on non-formal education as well. Every year more than 150 gymnasium students participate in various non-formal educational activities. Students’ parliament in gymnasium is actively contributing to school work and realization of the strategic plan. The gymnasium provides many opportunities for non-formal education, which strengthens citizenship and leadership qualities. There are students‘ non-traditional folklore studio “ČIŪTO”, mixed choir “POCO”, guitar studio “IN-WHITE”, and rock band “EKSTRA”. They all take part in school events, city and country’s cultural events. Students actively participate in social competence and volunteering projects.

Siauliai university gymnasium rock band “EKSTRA”

Out door education – the best way to explore new thinks in a practical way. Siauliai university gymnasium is constantly learning and progressing.
Experience and experiments –  STEAM education
Mixed choir “POCO”
Basketball team