Evening High School of Trikala is a public secondary education school for working students – over 14 years of age – and also for adults –working and not working- who wish to get the certificate of High school and Lyceum. Our school is experienced in organizing activities that concern the improvement and development of the personality of the teachers and the students. Due to the increasing
importance of new teaching dimension that came up, workgroups of teachers have been shaped for the improvement of the school unit in many sectors. The main objectives that have been set concerning the new dimensions in education, the qualification of teachers with tools and practices in managing the challenging classes and the psychological support of students. In order to achieve the above aims the teachers’ association and the headmaster took the initiative to organize some relevant seminars and workshops which were attended by the teachers and some of the students. In particular, the workshops were about the principles of effective teaching techniques, dealing with innovative ideas and different implementations in education. They were carried out by specialists of national education of directorate of Trikala. They were our first attempt for further education and teacher’s training in regional and school level. Moreover, last year, two teachers had the opportunity
to attend a weekly training course abroad on school leaving – an Erasmus + grant – a crucial issue for our school. It is obvious that the school’s aim is to motivate a large number of the teachers to take
part in procedures that result in their personal and professional advancement. This aim is also supported by the experience some teachers have gained by their participation and administration of
European projects – Comenius, Grundtvig, Comenius Region, KA1. The responsible teachers for international projects are motivated people , who have been working the last five years in several
projects and they have gathered a lot of experience in preparing. Teachers from our school have coordinated various projects at European, national and local levels. So: – there are experts who can
be involved in the evaluation and monitoring of European projects,dissemination and valorisation of European projects in our school – Our school may send students in mobility; – Our school can receive students from other schools in Europe In case these persons leave their post in the future, the other teachers who have the same experience will take over their role European projects: 1. 2016-1-DE03-KA219-022941-partner 2. 2016-1-TR01-KA219-035205-partner 3.2016-1-PT01-KA219-022799_7-partner 4. Different e-twinning project since 2013.